February 10, 2017


Hi beauties,

So I thought I would formally introduce myself to all my fellow Glamore lovers.

My name is Jamie Kawalsky, I am currently studying English and Media & Writing at UCT but I have always been very conscious about beauty and various different make up brands available in SA.

While I love my degree, and writing and reading plays an important part in my life, beauty is of equal importance. It not only about feeling good and confident within yourself but making others feel the same way. That is not to say that you won't see me bare-faced with my hair in a top knot on the daily, but applying make-up before a night out or on the spontaneous morning is a such a therapeutic and important part of my life. I want to appeal to the gal or guy who is just a normal person- not a make-up artist or addict - just the person who wants to feel and look good without breaking the bank.

I have always been the type of gal who spends way too much time at the various makeup counters; trying every "drug store" brand out there. Obviously on a budget, its not easy to obtain that perfect Kylie Jenner look when your budget for mascara is low and your "lip-kit" range is restricted to one or two colours. But when I say that I searched for every budget makeup brand and tried to replicate the "celeb look" - I really searched - and I could never seem to get the perfect balance.

So for a while my make-up brand of choice has been Inglot - a semi-affordable brand of a very high quality - however as time has gone on, it has become a lot more expensive and, in my opinion at least, the quality is not of the same standard. This is when I went to the internet, and a friend of mine told me about Glamore Cosmetics. The Hean brand is totally superior, it met all my expectations

  1. Affordable
  2. Not tested on animals and
  3. Hypoallegenic - this is very important because it reduces those hideous zits after the day and it super moisturising and gentle on the skin (what more could you want?) Although not all my products are currently Hean, I swiftly switch over as soon on my products finish.


So my advice to all of you is to just buy one or two products, see how you like it, see if it works for you, which I am sure it will, and then slowly, as your products run out or as your bank account allows it, try our products. See what we have to offer and enjoy trying and testing the brand.

P.S. For those of you thinking, "But how on earth can I chose a foundation and powder solely online?"  Watch this space because we are working on an app to match the colour. We will even send you a tester in the delivery so that you can try it and if it’s the wrong colour you can send it back, granted its sealed and in its original packaging!


Happy Friday beauties!


Jamie K xx 

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