How to do a smokey eye using Hean Eyeshadow Quatros

November 03, 2015 1 Comment

How to do a smokey eye using Hean Eyeshadow Quatros

The Hean Quatro's are NEW to Glamore Cosmetics so we thought we would introduce you to them and show you how Hean uses them.

Before launching into this fantastic Quatro introduction I am sure you are asking WHY?

Why do you need to use Hean products at all?

  1. Hean Cosmetics are hypoallergenic meaning they are suited for ALL skins even those that have sensitive skin.
  2. Hean Cosmetics are affordable so you won't break the bank when you go on a shopping spree.
  3. Hean Cosmetics are NOT tested on animals 
  4. Hean eyeshadows (which is the focus of this blog) are long lasting and intensely pigmented.

 Now....let us say hello and a warm welcome to the Quatro's that are available at Glamore Cosmetics.


There are a number of different ways to use the Quatro's as everyone has their own technique. Hean suggests applying the lightest shade first which is called the Brightening or Base shade (no. 1). This is followed by the Daytime shade (no. 2) at this point you are ready to go out for a light lunch/ brunch or a tea or to the office.

In the event of a night time function you would then apply the Evening shade (no. 3) and for something more fancy (like the little black dress) you'd then apply the Toning shade (no. 4) otherwise known as the Smokey eyes shade.

  And here are four swatches from #408 showing the different shades.

 This is # 408 Coffee Twist on each eye in sequence.

 Hean Quatro #410 called Lavender Glow showing a swatch from each shade.

And below are the last two swatches again from lightest to darkest:

Hean # 411 is Nude and # 412 is Grey Glow

Hean Quatro # 411 Nude for day or night.

Hean Quatro # 412 Grey Glow is really stunning what do you think?

Hean Quatro's come with just the right applicator or brush for easy convenience.

Do you have a favorite quatro? It would make my day if you left a comment. Or feedback even?

 Have an amazing week and stay special.



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November 18, 2015

Wow really like the colours on the swatches, they look like they blend well together.
My favourite is the #411 and #412, love how the colours with in the quatro’s works so well together.

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