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August 17, 2015 3 Comments

Be inspired come and take a trip with us! We will be visiting FOUR famous cities in the world and colouring them with our City Fashion polishes.

We had to start at home right?? No place better than home and good old Cape Town!

Introducing: City Fashions #164, #178, #150 and #195 these colours blew into Cape Town and we think they are a good mix for that hot cloudy Summers  day which is clear, bright and blue. Ice creams on the beach in fruity flavours walking endlessly on a gorgeous day.

Next up is a City that should be on everyone's bucket list. I mean every single one of us should at least visit Paris once in our life time.

We felt City Fashion Pastels would just rock Paris to perfection.

So it is City Fashions #197, #6b, #174, #176. And just to let you know City Fashions #174 and #176 sold out last time so if I were you I would not hesitate about getting are swatches of these colours:

Before we move on I have to give credit to Michelle the crazy but wonderful lady with the PINK hair from Ordinary Misfit. Thanks bunches for your swatches!! BUNCHES!!

Okay next stop? Any guesses?

Famous land marks? Big Ben, old very old buildings, red buses and phone booths...of course hello London!

 And so we chose City Fashions #172, #157, #164 and #171 what do you think? Good choices for London!

Last but not least and some even say 'leave the best for last' we present one of the most famous cities of the world and without it our list would be incomplete. Hello New York!!!

 Presenting you with City Fashions: #193, #171, #150 and #164 an eclectic mix of colours because for us NYC is one of those cities: bright lights, yellow taxis and something going on all the time whether it be day or night. I mean this city is awake at night!

City Fashion #150 from Ordinary Misfit such a beaut I mean it's PINK right?

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did putting it all together. One has to dream right and we might as well dream BIG!!!

Have you traveled to any of these cities? Do you like these swatches? Leave a comment here is your chance.

Stay sweet and special

Gx (and Em)


3 Responses


August 18, 2015

What a fun post! Love the colours and the cities chosen are perfect!


August 17, 2015

Love it. I absolutely love this.


August 17, 2015

Definitely one of my favourite blog posts by you YET! I’m SO excited to get back to swatching. This morning I felt like I needed some inspiration to get started, but I’m now OVERFLOWING with it! You picked the PERFECT polishes for the different cities. I’m especially in love with the Paris one!

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