A walk on the Wild Side

August 31, 2015 1 Comment

Since launching the Jungle Pop nail polishes in South Africa we have been amazed with the response, blown away actually!!

As a collection these polishes are innovative but each one offers something unique, something inspirational. If you love nail polish this collection is for YOU! if you like nail polish and need something exciting and different this collection is YOURS.

And I told you we had more and this post is just that! MORE swatches from Sam Swanepoel who hadn't swatched for ages and suddenly over ONE weekend produced these amazing swatches of the entire Jungle Pop Collection. THANKS SAM!!!!


              Jungle Pop #270                                                 Jungle Pop #271


                 Jungle Pop #273                                            Jungle Pop #274


                  Jungle Pop #276                                           Jungle Pop #277


                    Jungle Pop #278                                             Jungle Pop #280

                Jungle Pop #281

 Want to see more of Sam? You can find her here on Sassy in the City 

It is over to you guys now. Any thoughts on the Jungle Collection? Will you be joining us on the wild side? It will be fun!! Day or night and no matter the season this collection stands apart.

Stay special


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August 31, 2015

Aaaah. I’m famous! ;-)
It’s only a pleasure swatching them. I didn’t really think I would do them all in a weekend, but once I got started there was NO stopping me! Had too much fun with this AMAZING collection. Still can’t get over it.

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