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September 15, 2015 2 Comments

Did you know that every 3-6 months you need to do a makeup clean out? All the pretty goodies like the mascaras, eyeliners and powders need to be thrown away for the simple reason that they get old and dry lose their goodness really. And just like every thing in life which is hard this is something that just needs to be done! 'Out with the old In with the new' who said that? And Spring is here so time to clean out right?

So as promised I bring you Spring Happiness from Hean our 'favorite makeup range'. And this Spring it is all about 'less is more' kind of vibe so 'simple clean makeup, but bright popping colours'.

1st up is the Hean BB cream which is perfect for Summer. This cream comes in 3 different shades and can do so many things. It mattifies, it controls sebum production and corrects skin perfections. But, there is  moisturizes and smooths and for me the cruncher is that it can act as a light foundation. It is known for being multi-action and I would fully agree. With special ingredients like collagen it also assists with skin flexibility. 

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2ndly is the Hean Skin Mix Concealer OMW this stuff is like magic! Comes in 3 nifty shades and can be kept in your handbag. 

Yellow = conceals dark circles

Green = neutralises visible blood vessels and any discoloration

Nude = lightens the skin and is used over the yellow/green to blend it all in. Super fancy right?

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Because it is all about Spring and freshness the 3rd Hean Makeup item is the Glam Highlighter. Also in 3 shades and can be used on the face and the body (bonus right?). It lightens the skin with a glamorous glow and is enriched with Marula Oil which means that is soft and silky. It is perfect for highlighting cheeks, eyes, eyebrows and the decollete.

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No. 4 is something really different and admittedly not for many people BUT fortune favors the brave right? It is the City Fashion BLUE mascara which is not only waterproof but thickens and lengthens and it is fragrance free.

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Lastly and lucky no 5 is for the lips of course! Something to give that little pop 'hello Spring'. 

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Does anyone want to see how this makeup looks on? Please someone say YES!!!! Leave a comment and all will be revealed soon.

May you guys all stay special.


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September 17, 2015

Would love to see how the highlighter looks on.


September 15, 2015

I’m interested in the BB cream. I only need a light foundation to even out my skin tone, but I find that almost every single product I use does not actually control my oily skin (despite it being advertised as such) and by 10 AM I have an oil slick on face that needs to be patted down. This only gets worse during summer. I would love to see someone with an oily skin like me give their opinion!

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