You can avoid harmful chemicals when buying cosmetics

October 15, 2015 1 Comment

In this day and age I think everyone wants to do something even if we can contribute R5 to a worthy cause or give away unwanted clothes. It somehow means we are worthy, that we can offer others less fortunate something from ourselves? It is during the month of October that this is all highlighted in the form of PINK!! I mean even our sports teams wear pink and how awesome do they look? Hot awesome?

Are any of my readers breast cancer survivors? Or have had friends/ family pass away from breast cancer? In my family my sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer but thankfully it was early and she is fine!! In my book a cancer survivor is a survivor! 

In line with breast cancer awareness month I asked 3 of my nail polish fanatic/ supporters to design some breast cancer art work:

From Juanita (Sarcastic by Nature):


Ordinary Misfit Buy Now!

From Michelle (Ordinary Misfit):


Buy Now! City Fashion #26

 From Samantha (Sassy in the City):


City Fashion #190 Buy Now!                    Jungle Pop #274 Buy Now!              

And finally before signing off the with list of harmful chemicals I want to let you know that I have a secret!! SECRET!! Okay so as you know I am not the best keeper of secret stuff.

Towards the end of October we will be having a 'special' special. You can buy ANY pink product from our store and you will get FREE delivery!!!!!!! *****Jumps up and down screaming with excitement*****

Would anyone be keen on this special? Leave a comment okay?

Chat soon stay special.


Here is a list of chemicals which you can avoid. All these chemicals have been shown to be linked to breast cancer:


 PRODUCTS                                                                NAME OF CHEMICAL
Lipstick/ foundations/ nail polish                                    Lead
Creams/ Lotions                                                            Parabens
Shaving creams/ spray sunscreens                            Isobutadiene
Nail Polish/ perfumes                                                    Phthalates
Deodorants/ tooth paste                                               Triclosan

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October 16, 2015

Aww man. Guess my collection of pink polishes will be growing!

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