5 Reasons to hire a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

August 31, 2017

5 Reasons to hire a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

One thing I remember clearly from my wedding day is that I cried off ALL my mascara and my makeup (before the start of my actual wedding) was one of those 'not funny' situations that I can laugh at now but on the day I was quite gutted! Can anyone relate?

And now, now in hindsight I could have avoided all that if I had just known that hiring a professional makeup artist would have saved me all that angst and stress! Plus the fact that my skin is sensitive and I needed a range of hypoallergenic makeup...

You know you want to look your best on your wedding day, so hiring a professional makeup artist to take care of your makeup is a logical step in ensuring that your big day goes off without a hitch. A professional makeup artist will help you look great during your wedding, while you’re having pictures taken and throughout your reception. 

So here are some reasons why hiring a makeup artist is a MUST:

1) Less stress: Hiring a makeup artist means that you’ll be able to sit back and be pampered while your makeup is being applied; it’ll give you a chance to relax and catch your breath in a day that will surely be hectic enough without having to do your own makeup.

2) Getting the right look: Professional makeup artists understand how to select the right colors for your skin, which is more of an art than a science. Your makeup artist wants you to look as beautiful as possible, but it’s important to do a trial run before the wedding to make sure you’re both on the same page. This trial is crucial to getting to know your makeup artist so that you both can decide together how you want to look on your wedding day...what you don't want etc.

3) The best products: Many makeup artists have a makeup kit which is well-stocked, often with products meant to be used in high definition photography. 'My professional kit is like a make up store'. I have something for everyone. I start with a consultation and we discuss decor, location, wedding gown, bridal party colors and themes. we also look at pictures the bride may have brought and some of mine too, and then we get into playing with looks. What makes this easier is my range of makeup I carry. If you have watery or sensitive eyes for example, I can give you a fantastic mascara that won't run or get into your eyes and you can be assured your makeup will look picture ready even after the vows. If you have a long day and do not want to worry about touching up lipstick then a liquid lipstick is the best option. Wearing quality makeup will ensure your face will look flawless and beautiful for your special day .(Hean luxury liquid lips are the best liquid lipsticks I've come across in a long time)'- Nafeesa (scroll to the bottom to see some of her brides)

 4) Your makeup will last throughout your wedding: Many makeup artists also rely on fixing sprays to help the makeup stay on for the entire day. "A fixer spray that has changed my bridal career is the Hean fixer spray. This is like hair spray, for your face. It is amazing. It creates an invisible film on the face sealing the makeup". - Nafeesa 

5) Get your best skin: A professional makeup artist will be able to examine and give recommendations for improving your skin, so you can have the most flawless makeup application on your wedding day.  This is another reason why a trial is so important.  Your makeup artist will be able to tell you if your skin is dry and needs to be exfoliated, give tips to avoid flaky lips, and suggest if you need to make a visit to your esthetician or dermatologist. A facial and proper skin care regiment 2 weeks prior to your wedding can assist with this.


6) Sparkling White teeth - if this is something that you feel you need then do it! Use a whitener such as Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips a few weeks prior to the wedding. Also opt for a color like red to create the illusion of whiter teeth.

7) Waterproof mascara isn't optional, it is a NECESSITY - Our barocca mascara which will give you volume and length, so you can have stunning luscious lashes all day is perfect because it is WATERPROOF!

8) Pack A Touch Up Kit with small essentials such as tissues, blush, translucent powder and a lipgloss! For this we have the Lip Oil from AA is light, glossy and nourishing, great for when you are wearing a matte lip color and need a moisture boost.

9) Leave Enough Time: allow 2 hours for hair and makeup, and a bit more in case you need more time for whatever may come up. 

 I asked Nafeesah to add some photos of her brides that she has done over the years.


If anyone wants to hire Nafeesa please don't hesitate to contact her she will happily assist you :) And if you have a wedding story please share it with me!! #loveweddings

Have the best day!


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