5 Steps to the Perfect Blush

January 17, 2018

2018!! And my first blog post - happy happy everyone :)

I know that choosing the right blush can be super stressful- no one wants clown cheeks or for their blush to look unnatural. So I've put together this blog post filled with tips and tricks to find the perfect blush for your skin-tone. 

Blush is an essential makeup item because when we put foundation, concealer and powder on, we create what I call a 'mask-effect.' We neutralize and cover imperfections, unevenness, discoloration and smooth the skin so that everything looks uniform. But, we're also creating a complete blank canvas that is all one colour. We need to bring colour back to the face- where we want it, of course! Blush is one of the ways to add colour to the face but we want to avoid these mistakes:


Step 1:

Choosing a blush. This is probably the most difficult step! But, fear not, I've created a blush-skin-tone guide for you :)

For Fair Skin, baby pink blushes and light peachy blushes work best. Think- what colours do my cheeks blush naturally? Those are the colours that will best suit you!

For medium skin-tones: apricot blushes (warm undertones) and soft berry blushes will look absolutely amazing!

Olive Skin-Tones: think warmed toned blushes because of the undertones of your skin. Orangey peach blushes, true rose shades and even bronzers would make amazing blushes!

For Dark Skin-Tones: bright blushes look natural on deeper skin-tones. True reds and pinks will provide a blushed-flush to your skin!

Step 2:

Find a blush brush! Blush brushes are essential for perfectly placing and blending blush. Blush brushes are fluffy brushes that are domed on top. They can be big or small brushes- this is a preference. I personally love a blush brush that is domed on top and really soft because it picks up product really nicely. 

Step 3:

Make sure you tap the excess powder off your brush before you apply blush to your face. Otherwise, there will be a blush explosion on your face and blending out your blush will be very difficult! You can tap the excess off by hitting your brush against the top of the blush compact or tapping the brush against your hand.

Step 4:

Placement. Most people will smile and then place blush on the apples of your cheeks. However, this can have an aging effect because when you stop smiling, your blush drops. I like to apply blush just above my bronzer/contour and just slightly upwards to create a naturally flushed look. 

Step 5:

BLEND! Make sure you blend everything together- bronzer and blush so that your face doesn't look like the tricolor Neapolitan ice cream. You can pop highlighter onto the high points of your face to pull the whole look together. 

I'm going to end this blogpost off by recommending my fav blush ever. The Let's Contour Blush from Hean is the Firstly, it smells like roses but not in that overpowering, fake-rose way. The rose oil in the blush makes for a super smooth powder as well as adds luminosity to the skin. The rose oil also moisturizers and nourishes the skin- BONUS.

Here are my blush recommendations for your skin-type:

Fair skin - baby pink- (403) Rose Anise, Peach- (402) Sugarcane

Medium Skin - Apricot- (404) Sunshine

Olive Skin - Orangey/ Peach - (401) Cinnamon or Rose- (403) Rose Anise

Dark Skin - Bright tangerine - (404) Sunshine or Peach- (402) Sugarcane 

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That's all from me, guys. Let me know your blush tips and tricks in the comments below!


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