7 things that Make Acne Worse!

April 11, 2018

7 things that Make Acne Worse!

It used to be that zits were just something teenagers experienced, but now women and men of almost any age are battling pimples for a variety of reasons. Which can range from pretty severe cystic acne to mild breakouts that are persistent. No matter where you are on the path to finding a solution to cure your acne, there are some universal don’ts that everyone should know about — the habits and things that make acne worse.

1) Not cleaning your makeup brushes and tools regularly this is something that you should be doing on a weekly basis so that makes it at least 4x a month. If you are a makeup artist then you should clean your brushes after every client. Brushes can contaminate your makeup, as well as your other clients, so to avoid this keep them clean. Brush cleaning tip: use a small amount of tea tree oil to your brush cleaner this will definitely keep all nasty things off those brushes!


2) Going to sleep with makeup on - this should never ever ever happen. I don’t care if your makeup says it won’t clog pores, it will if you leave it on overnight, because the skin can’t renew itself properly. Then you end up with clogged pores, bacteria build up and inflammation, which is what causes big ol’ pimples. Plus it ages you and can damage your eyes!

3) Touching your face! I can't stress this enough touching and picking your spots can spread the infection as well as creating a scar. 

4) Sun- baking (or bathing) sun, heat and humidity can cause oil glands to become overactive, which can lead to acne breakouts so wear sunblock and a hat or even better stay out of the sun.

5) Applying too much product: You may be surprised to learn that applying too much medication, or applying too often, won’t clear acne up any faster. But it will most definitely cause excessive drying, redness, peeling, and irritation.

In an effort to clear up skin, many people (I used to be one of them) will scrub excessively, morning and night with harsh or abrasive cleansers made for oily skin. This just dries out the skin, and doesn’t actually deal with the root cause. In fact, it inflames the situation because the main cause of acne is an overproduction of sebum by sebaceous glands located at the root of hair follicles and using too many cleansing products will cause your skin to produce more sebum, not less, creating an environment conducive to acne.

6) Avoid using the following ingredients:

  • mineral oil
  • petrolatum
  • lanolin
  • perfume
  • artificial colors
  • alcohol

7) This one is difficult as I am not the most healthy of people out there! So - try and stay away from unhealthy foods that contain too much sugar etc. I firmly believe in moderation and trying to find a balance in life. Be healthy yes and happy and if that chocolate is gonna make you happy - then have it!

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Have a great day.


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