Skincare tips for any age

November 26, 2015

Skincare tips for any age

One of the best kept secrets about AA Cosmetics is their Age Technology! This brand from Poland has been created so that anyone of any age can use these products. With AA Cosmetics you have confidence that the ingredients in your skincare products are:

1) 100% perfect for your age

2) Been dermatologically tested on women in your age group

3) Safe as it is for ALL skin types including sensitive skin

4) Modern, biodegradable and environmentally friendly

And regardless of your age, you need to use a good makeup remover and a gentle face wash. 

Removing your makeup is really the first step in cleaning your skin. The AA Cosmetics range of makeup removers are micellar which saves time but will still leave your skin makeup free.

No matter what skin type you have: Combination/ Sensitive/ Dry we have the right makeup remover. And it is very important to use the correct one especially bearing in mind that the skin around your eyes need special treatment.

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Wash Away the Day with any of the AA Cosmetics face washes. Every day your skin comes into contact with pollution whether it be cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes, smoggy/ stale air. Keep your skin healthy by keeping it clean.

The Sensitive Nature Face Wash is foamy, very gentle and it will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and clean.

The Collagen face wash is also very gentle and over time will smooth out your skin. This is a foamy face wash.

The Ultra Hydration face wash is velvety and doesn't foam but it hydrates your skin leaving it refreshed and smooth.

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Okay let's break the ages down a little more and see what AA Cosmetics have that you need for your skin:

20+ products:

At this age it is all about preserving and protecting. 

Look for ingredients that will keep your skin firm whilst brightening it such as Vitamin C. Also you need Shea butter for skin vitality and vitamin E which will protect your skin against free radicals. The 20+ range from AA Cosmetics contains a unique ingredient: 

Pumpkin Seeds Extract: which enhances skin regeneration and soothes irritations

Does not contain: allergens, parabens, synthetic color additives, minerals, silicone. It is Fragrance free.

20+ Cosmetics have been designed to meet the needs of young active women that need to stave off their skin sins by starting to look after their skin. These products provide protection against water loss and the influence of external harsh environmental factors. So many young women think they don't need to look after their skin now.....because it is good BUT all these things will catch up with you later. Don't have regrets - look after your skin now.


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 30+ products

As you age, your skin changes. Your body doesn't produce as much collagen and the elastin that allows skin to spring back into place gets weaker. Seen any wrinkles yet? Little fine lines by the eyes? This is definitely the age when it all happens. At this age you might see the signs of your first wrinkles (yes it happens unfortunately) but by using Youthful Vitality 30+ from AA Cosmetics you can reduce wrinkles and also slow down the process

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Another range AA Cosmetics has for 30+ is the Sensitive Nature Range.  So what is the difference? This one has Vitamin A in it which has been shown to protect against sun damage and then it also has Vitamin E, Shea butter, Glycerin and Pumpkin seed extract. Unique to this product is the presence of Gogi berries which give your skin energy, make you feel and look younger and have anti aging properties.


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40+ products:

Okay so we finally reached the BIG 40!! So this is me.....and being 40 means and seriously means that you need to be on 'wrinkle alert'. For me when I started using Mezzo Laser from AA Cosmetics my life just changed. My skin feels firmer due to the presence of increasing hyalouronic acid which is extremely important as we get older. This cream is light and airy and absorbs so easily into my skin I LOVE it. I recommend it highly like top of my list kind of thing.

It brightens your skin leaving it looking healthy and radiant.


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50+ product:

In this range we only have one product for now: 50+ Sensitive Nature Anti Wrinkle Night Cream. At this age you need to consider one word: MOISTURE!! One can never hydrate enough. This product contains the magic Argan Oil which nourishes the skin and improves its elasticity.


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And that brings me to the end of this blog post! I hope you found it informative? Leave a comment if you have a minute.

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