What you get when buying a HEAN mascara

December 03, 2015 1 Comment

What you get when buying a HEAN mascara

The eyes are the windows to the soul how true is this?

When you buy a mascara what is important to you?

1) Price? What are you willing to pay?

2) How long it lasts during the day?

3) Will it make your eyes water?

4) Are you looking for something special like extra volume? or maybe a dramatic theatrical effect?

At the moment we have FIVE Hean mascaras. I am going to show them to you so you can see their brush and their price and also some of their features

1st up is our all time favourite WILD CAT MASCARA which has been featured in People Magazine as well as Haylsworld Video so I think you can be assured that this is a definite 'goodie'. 

Features: waterproof & with an incredibly flexible brush you can get an 'extended lashes' effect & there is no crumbling. The brush also creates a theatrical effect as it is thicker in the middle and then gets thinner to fit into the corner of the eyes.


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2ndly and also very popular is the BIG ZOOM which has also been featured in People Magazine.  

Features: This mascara increases the volume of your lashes from root to tip making your eyelashes look thicker. It has zero clumps and is 100% black. This product also contains natural waxes which help give your lashes an additional shine. The brush is dense so it can comb through the lashes.


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Lucky no 3 mascara is the MAXXI LASH FLEXI MODELING MASCARA which actually does THREE things in one!

Features: thickens, lengthens and volumizes the eyelashes. It comes with a modeling brush which is flexible. And also contains wheat proteins and keratin hydrolysate which will strengthen and actually regenerate your eyelashes. 


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Something really cool from Hean is the BLUE CITY FASHION MASCARA which has come to SA with a beautiful pop of colour.

Features: waterproof = resistant to weather conditions. It also thickens and lengthens the eyelashes and it is fragrance free.


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And last but not least is the VOLUME STIMULATING MASCARA which is 2 in 1 mascara.

Features:  as well as strengthening and conditioning the structure of your eyelashes, this mascara stimulates their natural growth.


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To end off today I have a lovely review from Sarene Kloen from Woman Online who I think is addicted to the Volume Stimulating Mascara:


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Lynette McFadden
Lynette McFadden

March 03, 2016

Very interested in your products.

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