How to apply the Hean Wild Cat Mascara

December 03, 2015 2 Comments

How to apply the Hean Wild Cat Mascara

Hi everyone!!! We are so excited about this post and can't thank Hayleigh enough for putting it all together for us. 

In case you don't know Hayleigh here are some fun facts:

  • She is a famous beauty blogger (makeup and nails and skincare)
  • She is a trained musician (I wonder what her instrument is?)
  • She is a business woman
  • She loves her Jack Russel's (they are her babies)
  • She has a stunning you tube channel and we are addicted to her 'snaps'

Hayleigh is from HaylsWorld click HERE for her details.This her website if you want to check her out and maybe even stalk her a little I am sure she will like it!!

 And if you want to buy the fabulous Hean Wild Cat HERE!

Thank you for taking time to read our blog posts.

Stay special



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December 03, 2015

Love these tips. ♡ And Hayleigh is Sooo gorgeous.

Anita Steenkamp
Anita Steenkamp

December 03, 2015

Awesome Tutorial!

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