Acne Stories with Mishka E!

July 06, 2017

Acne Stories with Mishka E!

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In today's blog post I did an email interview with Mishka Edross who patiently took the time to answer all my questions. In my heart I feel for anyone who has suffered with acne as it can be debilitating and not only that it can leave scars which you will try and cover for the rest of your life. It can also affect ones self esteem in both women and men (and teens) and my best advice is to start good face wash or acne cream. Don't ignore won't just go away.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me I will try and assist you to the best of my ability. Or feel free to leave a comment!

1)      Have you always suffered from acne?

I never ever had skin issues at all. Through puberty I had supple clear skin, no bumps break outs or even marks. It was well moisturized and not too oily

  2)      What kinds of treatments have you tried? Have they been successful?

 I have never done any facial treatments. Only normal facials that bare mostly natural but nothing to enhance anything, just natural cleansing facials and only thrice.

  3)      How does it make you feel?

 If by it you mean acne, it makes me feel horrid. Especially someone who only started getting it about a year ago. It strips my confidence, makes me moody and I don't want to go out much.

  4)      Does anyone else in your family have it?

My sister had it when she was a Teenager.

  5)      Is there anything that you think triggers it?

 I am not really sure of this, but I do believe Lactose might have an influence.

  6)      Do you have any advice to offer teens? Or anyone with skin problems?

 Be patient with yourself I suppose. Everyone has a problem, and many have the same problem as you. It's difficult not to focus on outer beauty in the world we live in, but everyday you have to try and reach within you to find the beauty when your skin is bringing you down. You have friends and family that love and accept you the way you are and that don't judge you because of your Skin. All the other people do not matter, so chin up and try to get proper advice from a medical professional.

And that's it from me. Contact me on 082 305 4152 or email:

Do you have an acne problem? What do you use? How does it make you feel? Leave a comment. Do you have something that has worked? Let us know!

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