FOMO - how to join in without giving up!

November 07, 2017

FOMO - is real and is here to stay! Just like social media is part of our lives and very much integrated we need to find a balance.

The key to a happy life is to find a way to balance things so we aren't overwhelmed. We must find a way not to feel like we are constantly being choked to death to have everything others have, or in fact, to be like others.

And yes I agree social media and brands don't help. For instance I am sure you all know how brands use celebrities to create buzz and hype in order to sell products. I think Mac does this so well, actually I think they have done it the best! One can learn a lot from Mac. 

This is just one example where they used Niki Minaj and created an entire range just for 'her'. So much so that if you were a Niki fan this range was LIFE and you HAD to have it no matter what the cost was. And they have done it also with Mariah Carey and let's admit it the packaging is always gorgeous. I mean it screams 'desire for me'. It is a limited edition which is a powerful tool for FOMO because you know it is going to be sold out soon so you will do anything to get it!

And how clever were Mac when they used Disney to sell their products? Remember the Cinderella Collection or Frozen? Every women wanted this and how many said women have never even used the actual makeup? Because it's not meant to be used....actually its too pretty :)

And the limited edition hype has been incredibly successful as can be seen when Morphe brushes created the one and only Jaclyn Hill palette.

This was meant to be a limited edition but it keeps getting restocked and blow me down with a it is an actual product and will be available whenever it runs out. But goodness the hype for this palette was unbelievable! It kept getting sold out! So much so that people were awake at midnight trying to purchase. I think the website even crashed once....this is an excellent selling tool you have to admit?

My opinion is we can't beat this social media 'onslaught' so we might as well join it and find ways to create a balance! I mean think back to when we were younger...or at any stage who likes being left out or not being included? These kinds of emotions stay with us forever. We will always be able to remember THAT feeling!

These are some things we can do which will empower us as adults and hopefully give our kids values: 1) set limits such as no phones at the dinner table, 2) stay firm when it comes to a punishment, don't be swayed, 3) try and be accommodating and flexible, remember sometimes it is good to compromise, 4) help them overcome 'phone separation anxiety', 5) family matters, teach them to put family engagements first and 6) are material things important? This is something you can discuss openly and try give them some values maybe suggest saving up for whatever it is they feel they need or where they need to be!

And to end off I am including this photo which took me a very long time to find but meant quite a bit to me #happymemories.

Have a great week and don't be shy! Leave a comment this is your opportunity.


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