FOUR MOODS from one little blush say YES!

June 30, 2016

FOUR MOODS from one little blush say YES!

How to apply blush so that you can create FOUR MOODS?

The new packaging from Hean for the Satin blush is so pretty!! And can be used in FOUR different ways. So you can create four different moods.

And this all depends on where you place it. See this picture and follow the arrow:

1) On the APPLES - which is cute, youthful and subtle

2) On the CHEEKBONES - will reinforce the structure of the face - chic

3) On the LOWER CHEEK - can make one feel carefree

4) AROUND THE EYES - makes a fashion statement almost like 'Whoa' look at me!

So....anyone feeling like they need some colour on their cheeks? Because we are a little pale or we just need a pick me up, maybe you could consider trying the Hean blush?

Stay warm


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