How to add violet to your Beauty Routine

March 12, 2018

A few months ago Pantone (the global color trend forecaster) announced Ultra Violet as the color of 2018. They described it as a “dramatically provocative and a thoughtful shade of purple”. If you have an inclination towards the cosmos and celestial galaxies, you will find yourself drooling over this color.

And if, like us, you are makeup fiends, you’re bound to start thinking up ways to add a hint of it to your makeup! Well, there are plenty of ways! Here’s how you can do it…

So what to do? What not to do?


First up we have quite a few products in the shade violet. But you can blend dark purple from the Under The Sea Palette with the black to create a stellar violet.

These 2 shades can also be found in the Neon Palette



Violet lips? Yes, please! This definitely isn’t the shade for the faint-hearted. Every time a celebrity makes a public appearance sporting violets and purple lips, they make it to the next day’s news! But that’s what makes the color so appealing. It’s a head turner. Incorporate the Pantone Colour of 2018 in your makeup with a bold, statement-y violet lip.



To get these you can try Sabiene in the Matt Lipstick range or even Viva Violet would be 100% matchy matchy. And I got this expression from Em who loves to be matched!!


Let your usual gold and silver highlighters take a backseat and make way for violet highlighter–a futuristic, blinding shade that’ll make all your celestial makeup dreams come true!

So how to get this gorgeous shade?? I have asked darling Em to show us because you know she is the highlighting queen after all. Watch. This. Space. 

Have a lovely day. Stay sweet and special.


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