Jamie, what's on your face?

March 12, 2017

Jamie, what's on your face?

Hi beauties,

I know it has been a while, but I’m back. Today I am going to chat about my full Glamore Cosmetics looks. 99% Hean and 1% AA Cosmetics! I know most of you are going to disagree with me, but the AA Cosmetics Lumi Foundation is my light and life at the moment! 

So, first of all, I splurged the other day on the purple unicorn brushes! I used to only use the Kabuki brushes but in the wise words of our very own Nafeesa K – “a girl can never have too many blending brushes”. And with her blessing, the purple unicorn brushes swiftly made their way into my heart and subsequently onto my make-up stand.

Starting with primer and foundation, I used the AA Cosmetics Lumi Foundation in 101 Ivory. For me, the coverage is perfect, I love the way in feels on skin and lasts all day – what more do you want from your foundation? But the other day, when the primer finally came back in stock, I started using that too. It has changed my face completely. Even longer lasting and so oily free all day!

Next, a bit of concealer to cover the nasty spots better. I used the Hean High Definition Concealer in 103 Ivory. I was basically on a quest to find the person under eye concealer for about, I don’t know, my whole life. But I think I found first prize here. No spots and the huge bags are gone gone gone. A literal must in the make-up bag but also a must in the hand-bag. You never know where you might land up?

Alright, onto powder, I used the Hean High Definition Matte Rice Powder in 301. This powder is life changing. If you get anything out of this blog post, it is get your goddam hands on this rice powder. Completely mattifying. It just takes those oily bits away, it is super long-lasting and evens out any blending errors made during the foundation stage.

Obviously, the contouring is done by my trusty Hean Sculpting Palette. Just perfect for any gal. The 3 in 1 palette allows you to quickly and easily sculpt that face and it is the perfect formula. It is so easy and seriously cost effective! R300 for all three, highlighter, bronzer and blush! Also, you can use my discount code JAMIEK for a further 10% discount. I mean, seriously now, what are you waiting for?

Brows done by my trusty brow kit (obviously). The eye shadow is all from the new eyeshadow palette (Nude 506). These eye shadows are so creamy and dreamy and perfect for anyone from the Pro to the Selfie Queen! I used the Maxi Lash mascara!

And finally, I got my hands onto the lip crayons – all of them – I couldn’t discriminate so I got them all! In the pic I am using a mix of numbers one and three!

Oh and the fixer spray!

Gals, guys, any one reading – get your hands onto these products. Emma is the foundation queen, she’ll find your perfect shade and for everything else, the quality is far superior to make-up I have used in the past. On my first day, I walked in to the office and said “You can convert every product that I own but don’t touch my Hoola by Benefit”. But here I am, doing my make-up and instantly grabbing for my Hean!

Have a fabulous week beauties and shop away! X


Here is the finished look! 


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