Kissable Lips

February 07, 2018

Today the lovely Michelle is going to demo to you how to get the best kissable lips. Because why? (Thanks Suzelle DIY). It's Valentine's Day and, hopefully, you beautiful people have dates (with an actual person or your couch). You only need 4 products and and steps to achieve this look so here we go.

First, use the Hean Luxury Sugar Lip Peeling Scrub. This scrub is really moisturizing and the little grains of sugar are super fine. Scrub your lips for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and then wipe off- do not eat! 

Next up is the Hean Luxury Lip Elixir. I love this stuff! It has such a nice smooth silky texture and really hydrates the lips. You need to wait a bit after applying the Elixir so that it has time to absorb into your lips- 1 minute should do the trick

Choose a lip pencil- any lip pencil in a shade and formula you love. Michelle used the Hypoallergenic Lip Liner in shade 407 Hot Red (it is Valentine's Day after all). Apply the lip liner to the center and inside of your lips and then use your finger to pat out the edges to blend. This is a Korean Beauty technique and makes the lips look fuller.

Lastly, Michelle used the AA Lip Oil in Raspberry to add a healthy, juicy shine to the lips.

And there we have it! Perfectly kissable lips for Valentine's Day.


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