Make Me Blush!

August 01, 2017

Make Me Blush!

Let's talk about blush contouring. Now, don't freak out. You're not going to look like a space alien who has come down to earth to get your glo' on. Blush contouring is one of the easiest ways to create a cohesive look. You can still use bronzer and highlighter and concealer and all other makeup products like you usually would. The trick? Where you blend your blush. 

Now, Hean have developed blushes especially for this blush draping/contouring trend. They're the 'Let's Blush Contour' Blushers. And the best thing about them? Well, there's lots. They blushers are super pigmented but blend out easily. The formula is super soft- the powders feel almost wet to the touch because they're so creamy! 

The blushers come in 4 different colours but the absolute best part, in my opinion, is the SMELL! These blushers smell amazing! They have a soft rose sent that smells like actual, real roses (not that powdery, fake smell) but is not overpowering and doesn't linger on your skin!

I'm going to walk you through the colours now and then I'm going to tell you how you can contour with the blushers. 


The first shade is 401 Cinnamon and is medium-toned dusty peach shade. 

The blush is completely matte and would suit light to medium skin tones. Add this blush as a pop of colour on your cheekbones and blend upwards towards the temple.

Next up is one of Nafeesa's fav shades- 402 Sugar Cane. This is a dusty pinky/peachy blush with a totally matte finish. 

This blush is complimentary for all skin tones! It's one of the most buildable blushers in existence! A great way to use this blush is in the classic 'XO.' With your blush brush, draw and X on your face- a long line of the X from a temple to the apply and cross the X over the apple. Then blend the X out in an O. 

The third blush is 403 Rose Anaise. A beautiful pink rose shade- not bright pink just rosy pink. Nafeesa and I (Emma) love love love this shade!

A pigmented pink blush and a little goes a long way. Definitely suits all skin tones and is buildable- starts out sheer but can really become a very vibrant pink. 

Lastly is 404 Sunshine. This is a bronzy burnt orange. Different right?

I think this blush would be perfect for medium skin tones- for those who don't want that 'blush look' but want some colour to the face. I think that this shade would even work as a bronzer on fair skin!


So, how do you Blush Contour??? It's actually super easy! You contour with blush just like you would contour with a bronzer or contour product. The only difference is that you use a very light hand when using blush to contour. Make sure you kick off the excess blush off your brush before you begin to contour- otherwise the pigment may be crazy and you'll be blending forever!

Blend your blush colour of choice into the hollows of your cheeks then blend upwards towards the temples. Blend your blush up to your temples (almost like highlighter). You can even apply some blush to your eyelids for a completely monochromatic look!

If you choose to use bronzer and highlighter, apply those products in the normal way!

Here are some swatches on Nafeesa and my skin so you can get a good idea of what they look like and which one would suit you. From left to right 401 Cinnamon, 402 Sugar Cane, 403 Rose Anais, 404 Sunshine. 


Totally different on both our skin tones right? LOVE!

Shop these awesome blushers today!

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