New Year, New You!

January 05, 2017 1 Comment

New Year, New You!

Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 is a fantastic year on all fronts and that the lessons learned in 2016 only help 2017 become one-for-the-good-books. I spent New Year's Eve with the fam, watching movies and the fireworks from the windows. I've never been one for a big party so my New Year's Eve was perfect for me!

Today, I want to chat about the skin and makeup products that I am LIVING (loving) for Summer. It is the New Year after all and we all know that Summer has only just begun. Also, I know it was just the present-giving season but there truly is no time like the Summertime to splurge on new goodies! Treat yo'self (2016 was hard and you deserve it!).

Matte Lipsticks are SO Winter, 2016. Glosses are back in a big way! Glossy eyes, cheeks and lips are a girl's best friend in the Summertime. Bright colours, happy pinks and sandy nudes are the most wonderful colours. The Ultimate lipglosses are super opaque- one swipe for almost full coverage- and they glide on so smoothly without becoming sticky or clumpy. I LOVE these so much I own every colour!

I'm alllllll about bronzing and highlight because I want that sunkissed glow without actually spending any time in the sun (I'm ghostly pale, helllloooo). The Sunglow bronzers have 3 shimmery shades so I can get bronzed and highlighted with one compact! The creamy powder formula is super blendable and bronzing without being too orange.

I can never get enough highlight- 'Hi, I'm Emma and I'm a highlighting-addict!' The Glam Highlighters are so finely milled that I can build it up to a blinding glow without the highlight becoming too chunky or glittery. A definite product win!

Now that we are all getting back to work, I'm sure that most of you are still recovering from the Festive Season (and what a season it has been!). The Festive Season has flown by! I hope you spent yours in the sun having fun with family and friends. So as you head back to the realities of work/school/life, your skin will need some extra love and attention and we have just the product(s) for you!
AA cosmetics is designed especially for those of you with super sensitive skin. The AA Oil Infusion Facial Oils ensure that your skin absorbs good stuff. This is an ultra light non-greasy facial oil that is high in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants for intense regeneration. The Oil Infusion drops are infused with amazing Argan oil that nourishes and reinforces the epidermis and efficiently regulates hydration. The Oils are perfect for you if you have slightly scarred skin; or an uneven complexion or if your skin needs intense hydration!
It's also important that you exfoliate your face and body! Exfoliation removes dead skill cells as well as evens and smooths the skin. Self tan, makeup, body lotion and shaving will be much easier and smoother after exfoliation. The Hean Slimming Body Scrub smells wonderful and is perfect for an all-over body scrub! Hean also has two sugar scrubs (Lime and Brine) that gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate cell-regeneration. 
Lastly, the AA Hydro Essence Body Scrub is also a body gel that is hypoallergenic with active ingredients that tone and exfoliate.
Start your 2017 with a new skin routine!  You won't look back. New year, New Skin, New You!

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Gail Von Graevenitz
Gail Von Graevenitz

January 11, 2017

What a wonderfulovely piece Emma. I have all those products and can vouch for everything you have said. I absolutely LOVE Hean.

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