Pink is the New Nude

March 21, 2017

Pink is the New Nude

I love pink. All shades of pink. In fact, I think bright pinks are the perfect way to add a pop of colour to any makeup look. Bright pink lipsticks are the best for a night out and you can find a shade to suit any skin tone. But pink isn't just for your lips. There are various shades of pink eyeshadow that can be used to create a soft, flirty, girly look that is sure to turn a few heads.


We stock a huge variety of pink makeup products! And we honestly love all of them, here are some of our favs:

The High Definition Eyeshadow Trio in 602

Hean Stick Eyeshadow in 02 Pink

 Hean Vitamin Cocktail Lipstick in 164 Sweet Kiss


8 Piece Rose Gold Unicorn Brush Set

Brush Holder

For this makeup look, Nafeesah and I wanted to go all out pink. Pink eyeshadow, pink lips and even pink highlight! Nafeesah is also, obviously, the best makeup artist out there and one of the only people that I would trust to do my makeup. These are the products that we used:



We even created a makeup tutorial for this look. Check it our below:

After Nafeesah did my makeup, I didn't even look in mirror that's how much I trust her! Here's the finished look. I LOVE it! Highlight on super fleek. Nafeesah layered the Glam Highlighter in Luxury Nude over the Luminizer stick (remember always layer powders over creams never the other way around).


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