#purplehairdon'tcare - what makeup look is best?

January 14, 2019

With the colored hair trend not going away - it only makes sense to have a look at what makeup looks good with different colors right?

I chose purple - because I like this color and also LILAC HAIR is trending now. I was quite amazed to read that #purplehairdon'tcare was hash tagged over 520k times in 2018 on Instagram alone and #purplehair was tagged in 4.6 Million posts - I mean clearly people are loving the colored hair trend and it is here to stay!

So for the purposes of this post and to make it simpler for me, purple encompasses every shade of purple for example:



Pastel purple

Pastel Ombre

Violet or Ultra Violet

Bright Purple

To my surprise I actually realized that purple hair is really versatile and goes beautifully with a natural look as well as purple/ pink shades. Here are some makeup looks I found that work really well with #purplehair.

To create something like this we offer the following pretty products (click on each to see them): 

Its A Vibe Eyeshadow Palette (or Lavender Dreams)

Big Zoom Mascara

Vast Lashes

Eyeshadow Liquid Glitters

Eyeshadow Base (to help pop the color of the eyeshadow and also to make it last longer).

I have also asked the extremely talented Ashveena to create a look using this palette and we will be showing it on Instagram in the week - so don't miss it - it is a lovely pictorial so everything is shown step by step (I really LOVE these).

As far as lipsticks go you can either use a natural shade or something bold and bright we chose the following:

Lip Tint in R&B

Luxury Lipstick in Burgundy (TOP PICK)

And for a natural look you could always use the Coffee and Cream 8 Pc Eyeshadow palette.

So how many of you are rocking colored hair? Are you struggling to maintain it? Any tips or advice? And makeup wise what do you think looks best natural or bold and bright?

Sending you tons of love and hugs


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