The New Kid on the Block

December 14, 2016

The New Kid on the Block

Good quality makeup tools are very, very important! Even high-end makeup products will not apply evenly and beautifully if you do not have the correct tools. Makeup brushes are an investment as, with proper care, a good quality brush set can last for many years.

So, what makes a brush set good quality? There are a couple of things:

  • Synthetic bristles;
  • Super softness;
  • The denseness of the brush;
  • Variety of brushes and;
  • Sturdiness of the brush when you apply makeup. 

At Glamore Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on being a cruelty-free company and so it is very important to us that our brushes are, also, cruelty-free. I now present to you: our 10 Piece Oval Brush set!

The 10 Piece Oval Brush set has 5 large face brushes and 5 small eye brushes. The brushes are densely packed, which means that you can pick up more product and blend cream and powder products more efficiently and easily. Our bristles are synthetic and are, therefore, more sanitary and do not attract as much bacteria as traditional, animal-haired bristles. 

Shaped like ovals and circles (and even straight!), these brushes are unlike any other traditional brush set. BUT don't fear! The oval brushes are actually easier to use! Here's a quick rundown of what each brush in the set can be used for:



The really great thing about Oval brushes is that they're a massive time-saver. The large surface area of the Face Brushes helps move and blend product around the face much more quickly than regular Kabuki brushes. BUT the best part is that the smaller Face brushes (brushes 4 and 5 above) are the perfect shape and size for contouring! 

In this video, I chat a little about my FAV Oval Brushes and how I use them:



The very very very VERY fantastic part of this blog post is that there is a special attached! For this week only, you can purchase the 10 Piece Oval Brush set for R550 and receive TWO contour sticks to use with your brushes! We're amazing, I know. Watch more here:


 For more on how to use the Oval Brush set, watch below:

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