Spring trends - Lipstick Pop of Colour

September 28, 2016

Spring trends - Lipstick Pop of Colour

With spring making its inevitable return, we all know what that means right?

If you said a make-up update, then keep on reading!

 For women on-the-go there are endless ways to go from drab to fab, just by updating your make-up routine. How? Simple. Spring gives us the opportunity to stop and smell the roses and by roses I mean Heans vitamin cocktail lipstick in mystic rose! So do some blush, light foundation a bit of mascara and a pop of color on the lips. A rose color suits most skin tones and is great for an everyday go-to lip color.


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To change your entire look from day to date night, you could swop out the rosy tone on the lips for something like 156 burgundy. Not only is it dramatic but it moisturizes your lips and is so comfy to wear.

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Happy Shopping.


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