The Foundation Issue

August 10, 2018

Choosing the right foundation shade can be really difficult. Whether you purchase your foundation in person or online, the struggle is real. The lighting at makeup counters can be deceiving and online swatches can be confusing. BUT! Fear not, I am here to teach you how to match your foundation online. You can thank me later.

Firstly, it’s all about undertones. You need to know whether you have yellow, pink, olive or neutral undertones. The undertones you have determines whether you need a yellow, pink, olive or neutral-based foundation shade. Getting the undertone of your foundation right, will make your foundation look natural and blend easily into your neck.

Know what foundation shade you currently use (if you use foundation) and know whether you are happy with the shade and finish, and why. If you are unhappy with the shade or finish, know why. This helps narrow your focus so you can eliminate foundations online because they are not the finish or coverage that you want. This would be simply by reading the description of the product.

When shopping online, have your bottle of foundation next to you. Swatch it on your hand or neck and then blend it in. Try to match what is on your hand as closely to the online swatch as possible.

Reach out for help. At Glamore Cosmetics, we offer a free foundation matching service. All you have to do is send us a picture of yourself with and without makeup as well as the shade of foundation that you are currently wearing (and whether you are happy with it or not). I (Emma) will then match you to one of our foundations.

Our success rate is 100% - this was our latest review!

Now, have you always wanted to try our foundation but don’t know where to start? I get you, which is why for this week only, you will receive free foundation testers with any purchase! Just leave the foundation you use in the comments of your order and we will send you testers in your perfect Hean foundation match.

I look forward to assisting you get the best foundation that will suit your skin.


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