The HD Foundation

August 08, 2017 1 Comment

Let's talk about foundation, specifically the Full HD Foundation from Hean Cosmetics.

The foundation is creamy and very matte. Like matte matte. It's long wearing and it can be applied with a beauty sponge or with a brush. 

The greatest thing about this foundation is that it reaches full coverage in just two applications. What I love about this foundation is that even one layer gives the face a flawless finish- almost airbrushed! 

Whenever we begin selling a new product, there is always some nerves. Will customers like the product? Is it amazing? How does it perform? What does it smell like? Whilst we know that our brands consistently produce high quality products, there are still some butterflies. We always hope that customers will love the product as much as we do. 

So we sent the foundation out as samples....1st we made sure we had a matching shade which Emma does for us (#genius). And 2nd we asked for feedback as far as coverage etc.

And then I have to admit that me and Emma also used it as we wanted to see what it was like. And we loved it!!! It changed my whole face I can't express it but I wow is that me?

Okay so here is feedback from one of my really special customers (and yes you are all special). We sent her all 5 shades as samples to test after a recommendation from her daughter :) who has just re-ordered :)

LOVING my foundation😍

Hi Gael🌝
I received my Foundation & the beautiful make up brushes - thank you sooooooooòoo much! I am so super excited to apply my makeup tomorrow morning 💃💄

Whoop, whoop...I am so excited! Nothing compares to Hean full cover foundation!

Shew Gael....I want to convert everyone to using Glamore Foundation 😁

I am having trouble using my EL FOUNDATION, I have to bite the bullet and order Glamore Full Cover Foundation 💜

Believe you me I started using EL Maximum Cover in 1996 when it was launched, I NEVER EVER thought I would change because I never thought I would find anything better for me!

I will not be using another brand of cosmetics, my skin is feeling fantastic, the make up is AWESOME, when I say only your brand of make up, I mean everything!

And I PROMISE I am changing over to your FULL cover foundation - it is definitely without any doubt the BEST!

I am still struggling to come to terms with having to use the EL foundation...I am using one of the last sample foundation you sent me, although it's not really my colour, and I must be very honest I am very reluctant to finish my almost new tube of EL.
I may just be ordering your foundation sooner than I thought.

Gael....I am cussing & cursing under my breathe 😜
I just recently bought the EL foundation and since using Glamore Foundation, I DON'T LIKE EL at all😬
Well... I have to finish my EL but believe you me I do it very reluctantly and as soon as it's have a DEFINITE regular transformed customer 😍

And an update: my customer bought the Full Cover Hean Foundation last week!!!! Yip so now I am just waiting on a photo from her. it is with her and her lovely daughter! Such a feel good story right?

 With love from us!

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Kandice Mohan
Kandice Mohan

August 08, 2017

Hi Gael
I received my package and was so excited to start using it today. And as expected and promised … IT IS AMAZING! I have used a full coverage foundation for a long time, not because I have anything to cover but mainly because it goes on with no effort and lasts the whole day and doesn’t require layers to achieve a flawless look. The HD Foundation i purchased from you is amazing. It goes on smoothly and does not look layered at all.It is very lightweight. And the free brush set is a game changer! I have always used a sponge to apply foundation but the brush really did make a difference. Its been a few hours and my make up still looks fresh and flawless … even with the cold Durban weather today it has not dried out. Highly recommend this foundation for the everyday-girl looking for a quick way to look flawless.

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