The Secret To Preventing Lip Bleeds!

October 08, 2018

Lipstick makes us feel more feminine and fabulous, right? From striking, matte red to glossy bubblegum pink, our lips help us express our moods and individuality. Which is why it is so important that we keep our color intact! 

I have had a few of my lovely ladies telling me how their lips 'bleed' from a lipstick and I was like woah!!! Sounds serious what can we do?

And I have to be completely honest I wasn't too sure what it meant - bleeding - how, where?

And this was my original thought - was I wrong or was I wrong? So I put together some helpful tips to stop lipstick from 'feathering'.


1) LIP LINER (no 1 and the most important) as it works as an electric fence for your lips. The main purpose of using a lip liner is to make lips look seamless, fuller, and on trend, so either choose one that matches your lipstick perfectly or choose NUDE. When in doubt choose nude :)

2) MOISTURIZE Feathering and bleeding is most likely to occur with dry lips so apply lip balm or lip oil to keep them moist. Something which has also become important is exfoliation - at least once a week is great!

3) HIGHLIGHT THE RIM OF YOUR MOUTH if you don't like the lip liner idea then you can always use a highlighter which adds definition and shape to your mouth.

4) LONG WEARING LIPSTICK which means that it is long lasting and should at least last for most if not all of the day. This is something that YOU get to choose so make the right choice if you want something to last the whole day and those are more than likely the Matte lipsticks.

5) BLOT - this is really simple and can be done with a tissue. 

HEAN recently brought out 2 gorgeous NEW liquid Lipsticks: Bella and Eve and we matched them to the Hean lip crayons. These lip crayons are AMAZING they can be used as a lip liner and/ or lipstick.

This is Bella plus the Praline Lip Crayon the match is as close to 100%.

And then there is Eve and Lip Crayon 04 - 100% match right?

You can find the new liquid lipsticks here! 

Have you ever experienced feathering or bleeding? What did you do?

Sending loves and hugs for a great week ahead.


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