Washing Your Face is Not A Choice!

May 08, 2018

Washing Your Face is Not A Choice!

From year to year, women's awareness of skin care is definitely on the up! They choose cosmetics more prudently as they carefully analyze the ingredients. Which makes sense as I think skin allergies are also on the up, what with so many changes in our environment.

Doing my thing - as usual - I came across quite an interesting phenomenon and I was like 'no ways' but yes ways. Women are using Intimate hygiene gel as a face wash - because it is more gentle and cleansing.  It is true that intimate hygiene lotions have a simpler composition and are devoid of irritating properties. However, their composition is adapted to the care of particularly sensitive intimate areas, not to the facial skin. Intimate hygiene fluids contain lactic acid, which determines the correct pH and development of the intimate bacterial flora. Therefore, pH intimate hygiene is lower (about 3.5-4) than facial wash (neutral skin pH is 5.5). And it is not suitable for cleansing the face.

This is important - your face wash must have a neutral skin pH of 5.5 not lower and not higher. Using a face wash with the right pH protects the skin barrier against negative factors from the outside keeping it hydrated and happy.

As promised in my newsletter I am going to help you choose the right face wash for your skin. 

  • If your skin is oily you need to choose a face wash containing contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid (OMG Gael chemistry stuff - relax). These 2 wonderful things will assist with cleaning your pores (dirt, dust etc) which is what you need.
  • Sensitive skin you need to try a cleanser that doesn't foam so you need something gentle and mild and maybe even milky (avoid detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate these dry out your skin and you don't want that). In fact use a product that is hypoallergenic and especially for sensitive skin.
  • Combination and normal skin types have the widest range of options, so choose a formula that you enjoy using the most, such as foaming, gel, cream or oil-based.

Have you seen the new face washes that we just got in? We're loving them!

There's the AA Carbon & Clay Face Wash Gel. It has Japanese Carbon in it, which has strong oil absorbent properties- this is great for cleansing pores! This face wash will leave the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 

Also new is the AA Colour Detox Face Wash (Emma loves this one!). The face wash contains the Soda Clear complex, which is a combination of baking soda and hyaluronic acid. It has exfoliating, smoothing and cleansing properties and leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. 

For acne skin, we have the AA Help Acne Face Wash. The face wash helps to reduce the appearance of blackheads and skin breakouts as well as regulate the production of sebum. 

The Collagen Hial+ Face Wash combines hyaluronic acid and collagen to smooth and hydrate the skin. It also leaves the skin feeling soft. This face wash foams up so is ideal for sensitive skin.

Last but not least, there's our famous Hydro Algae Blue Face Wash. This product is almost impossible for us to keep in stock because it's suitable for all skin types. The algae complex is rich in substances that delay skin aging and regenerate damaged skin cells. 

Before I head off to be a taxi for the afternoon - here is something I want to leave you with. Are you a brand snob? Does it matter to you that you might have a face wash from say Range X but a moisturizer from Range Y? 

Cheers to a wonderful day ahead of us. May the beauty faeries be with you :)


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