FAshion SHoot

This was our very 1st photoshoot and I was a little nervous not entirely sure what to expect. I thought that it would be stressful and intense but I was pleasantly surprised. There was rap music (like a dull throbbing head bashing vibe) and everyone seemed chilled and calm!

Nafessah went first and you could see this child was a pro!! Her movements were great and she knew what to went very quickly Nafeesah made it look so easy, seamless you know?

And then it was Emma's turn. This for me (yes admittedly I didn't have to do anything too hard) was too funny! Her and Justin well it was hysterical watching someone tell Emma 'put your hand here' and she was like 'my hand won't go there' or 'tilt your head to the left' and she would tilt it to the right and one point she had had enough! You know that look? Like if I have to do that one more time I am going to burst a blood vessel look? And he was great, he moved her gently to another section and distracted her and they did something else. I still look at these photos from the shoot....and don't quite know how he got them but I suppose that is the magic of photography. You can literally capture things that aren't staring you in the long as you are wearing gorgeous HEAN makeup and AA Cosmetics right? Right??

So we put together a cute video from the photoshoot and then I have some background moments from the day. I hope you sit back and enjoy it all? And then I have all the products that we used on the day as well right at the bottom. Remember to go shopping!!!