Foundation Changing Drops

We are really super excited to announce these new and innovative products from HEAN.

We have many queries from people looking for the exact foundation shade that will match THEM! Even after visiting the different brands in the shops and purchasing the 'perfect' foundation when you get home only to find that it is not quite right.....can be your worst nightmare! Right?

And this brings me to the NEW products from HEAN that will literally change your life (for the good).

Because if your foundation that you bought in the shop is too dark you can with the Brightener of Foundation (white) add a few drops and your foundation will become lighter. And....if your foundation is too light you can with the Darkener of Foundation (brown) add a few drops and your foundation will get darker.

How to Mix?

Add a drop or two of either the Brightening or Darkening drops to your foundation on your hand until you are happy with the shade. Remember to test the shade on your neck before using on your face.

If you have any questions don't forget that you can contact any time! 

To find out more about the Brightener Drops here is the link:

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And then for the Darkener Drops:

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Neither of these products will change the consistency of your foundation and you don't need to use a HEAN foundation either. It will work with any foundation.