Glam Teen Parties In Cape Town.

Glamore Cosmetics offers Teen Makeup Parties to young Teens (and Tweens) from the ages of 10 until 18.

We feel that if we can assist Teens with applying makeup it benefits them for life. It equips them with something no one can ever take away and builds confidence and ultimately self-esteem (which is so important). For me I think Teens have the perception that makeup makes them pretty and so the more they apply the prettier they will be! I want to change this. Teens need to believe that they are already pretty, and that makeup just enhances their prettiness.

It is an interactive party, so we first perform the demo on a model and then it is time for the girls to do their own makeup. We assist them and guide them as they go along – this is a great experience because they must do it themselves, so it is a good start!

We talk about the safety of ingredients because it is important to know what ingredients are in the makeup you are using. Our brands are made in the EU where 1000s of ingredients are banned making them safe for Teens. And we love the fact that our brands are cruelty free which means that they are not tested on animals.

We offer two kinds of parties:

Less Is more

Price: R150 per Teen and 10 Teens in total

Easy Glam Makeup Look

Price: R170 per Teen and 10 Teens in total

Price of a Glam Goodie bags is exlcuded and are R50 each.  It will contain some of our latest products. 

Extras: if you need anything specific such as food or decorations please let us know.

Venue: we are based in Cape Town.

Makeup Artists: our makeup artists are certified professionals