Spring Sale

September is THE month for new fresh makeup! This month is the time to do a spring clean and be brutal....throw away those old mascaras, lip products and foundations. The shelf life for makeup is really 3 -6 months, anything longer is unhygienic and bad for you. Bad. For. You!

So to help you with spring cleaning we decided that this month we would have our very first Spring Sale!

Which brings me to another something that happens at this time of year. Change of seasons and hello ALLERGIES! Right? So many people suffer from hay fever, itchy eyes and scratchy throats. Which is exactly why if you do suffer from allergies you should consider hypoallergenic skincare and makeup. It is safer for you at the best of times and now is a good time to try something new! As with everything in life if you don't try it you will never know.

 So these are a list of our items on sale for the next week. We have limited stock of them so once it is GONE it is GONE!