The Royal Collection

I am so excited - we have spent weeks preparing this collection and it has been so much FUN!

Lots of laughter and sparkles that is for sure. A BIIIIG thank you to: Ashveena from @the_brown_eyed_ash who assisted with putting the 9 piece eyeshadow palettes together (specifically). But in reality Ash is my left hand woman :) she is crazier than me if that is possible - but in a good way!

With a heart of gold and a personality of a lion, you don't want to cross Ashveena - she is really lovely though go find her on Instagram and love her madly!

This is our 1st named collection; it consists of eyeshadow (glitter, shimmers and mattes), regal matte lipsticks, a princess blush combined highlighter set and brushes in brush boxes.

We hope you love love it.