About Us

Meet the Glam team!

 A little bit about the founder:

Dr Gael Baines (Fenhalls) has a PhD from the University of Cape Town in Medical Biochemistry.

After obtaining her PhD in Breast Cancer Research she worked at Tygerberg Medical School (Stellenbosch University) in the Department of Medical Biochemistry for 9 years. Gael piloted studies in the fields of Tuberculosis and HIV which were funded by Glaxo Smith Kline. She was also a supervisor to numerous students and lectured several honors students. Dr Baines has several 1st author publications (in her maiden name Dr Fenhalls) and has been cited over 380 times on Google.

Gael has three children: Emma, Tarryn and Ryan.

Due to the fact that Emma could never wear makeup it inspired Gael to look for beauty products that are hypoallergenic and cruelty free. And Glamore Cosmetics was born!! Finally Emma could wear makeup and Gael felt that there could be others in similar situations - also with sensitive skin - also unable to purchase beauty products in stores here in SA.

Gael worked closely with the CTFA (Cosmetics Toiletries Fragrance Association of South Africa) to ensure that the ingredients in these imported products are acceptable to the laws governing skincare products in South Africa. Not only are both the wonderful brands hypoallergenic but cruelty free as well.  Hean Cosmetics and Oceanic Skincare are from Poland and Gael totally loves working with them. They are always trending the latest ingredients and also believe that people are important....everyone matters! In Poland it is important to note that testing on animals is banned something which resonates strongly with both Gael and Emma. Especially in instances where other tests are available then these should be performed instead!

Gael's Holy Grail Life Hacks
  • Her top philosophy in life is to always have a ‘backup’ plan no matter what and more importantly to never give up!
  • Our customers mean everything to us! If we can make them happy we will, no matter what.
  • She is passionate about making a difference - to those people who have sensitive skin - these products can change their lives (make them more confident and inspire high self esteem - invaluable qualities.
  • Gael loves speaking to people and getting to know them so  if you have any questions email her. She always replies.



  Emma Baines packs a punch!

Is 23 years old and has a Bcom LLB also from UCT. She is responsible for social media, promotions and competitions in-between having a full time job as a Candidate Attorney. Emma loves makeup and cosmetics and she firmly believes that one can never ever never ever have enough makeup and it is important to always look one’s best.

The foundation of Glamore Cosmetics is based on a relationship which is based on love and trust - if these things are important to you why not give us a shout today? We guarantee that we will give you the best customer service ever!