Looking for the right Foundation?

We can assist you! All you need to do is 1) send us a photo of yourself with and without makeup and 2) tell us what foundation you are currently using 3) message us on 082 305 4152!

So easy and we will take it from there :)

Choosing a shade of foundation online can be quite tricky, but never fear! We provide an unique service. We can match our foundation to your skin tone if you send us a picture of yourself with and without makeup on as well as the name and shade number of the foundation you currently use. We have 100% success rate with this and it has become one of the reasons why we stand out from other companies.

Please contact us on: OR whatsapp 082 305 4152. We endeavor to reply to every person who makes contact with us!

We have three different foundations with varying levels of coverage Below on the 3 types with various skin swatches on Emma and Nafeesah. From here you can definitely get some idea what shade you will be.

  • The Creamy Matte Foundation has a whipped texture that provides light to medium coverage. The foundation is lightweight and sits very naturally on the skin. This foundation is perfect for those who wish to even out their skin tones and have that 'your-skin-but-better' finish. 

Here are swatches of the Creamy Matte Foundation:    

Nafeesah is on the left and Emma on the right. This foundation is definitely better for lighter skin tones as it blends in and looks more natural which is what you want from a foundation.


  • The Matte Touch foundation comes in a pump bottle so as to prevent oxidization. This foundation has a creamy, liquid formula and provides medium coverage; it also has an SPF of 15. The formula is oil free, which means it is lightweight and does not clog your pores. Moreover, the foundation is build-able to medium-full coverage and evens out skin tone without becoming cakey. 

Here are some swatches of the Matte Touch Foundation:


Nafeesah is on the left and Emma is on the right.


  • The Ideal Matte foundation has the largest colour range. The creamy, hydrating formula provides medium to full coverage. Moreover, the foundation dries to a matte finish without drying out the skin. This is our most popular foundation - these are the darker shades.

Here are some swatches of the Ideal Matte Foundation:

Emma is on the left and Nafeesah is on the right. Nafeesah is currently using the shade 422 which is perfect for her skin tone. Here she is.......wearing Ideal Matte in shade 422!!

Say hello to Yusra who sent us this really sweet video.

These are just some of our reviews from our customers we have great success in matching foundations and I know we can do the same for you!

Any other questions you have please don't hesitate to contact us!