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Gael Baines is the founder of Glamore Cosmetics. She was inspired to find hypoallergenic skincare and makeup products as her daughter, Emma, has very sensitive skin.  Emma loves makeup and cosmetics! However, she has highly sensitive skin, which is why Hean and AA Cosmetics are the perfect brands for her!  Nafeesa is a live wire makeup artist! She loves Hean Cosmetics- her whole makeup kit is ALMOST Hean!
Gael has a PhD from the University of Cape Town in Medical Biochemistry.  Emma is 21 years old and studying a BCom LLB degree at the University of Cape Town.  Nafeesa is 22 years old and is a self-trained makeup artist from Cape Town. 

Hean Cosmetics and Oceanic Skincare are from Poland. The brands are always trending the latest ingredients and also believe that people are important....everyone matters!

Emma's must have products are a great lipstick, a good coverage foundation and a 24 hour moisturizer. Emma believes that the key to healthy skin is amazing skincare products. 

Nafeesa believes that good quality makeup can change your mood! Her must have Hean products are matte lipsticks, the contouring products and the HD Fixer Spray.


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